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What's Up ~ Performances

BootsBallett (Ballet For Boats)

Ballet for Boats

12 May 2010, Postdam, Germany

This project has been over a year in the making, and over 40 boats will take part on May 12, 2010 at 7 pm in the Schiffbauergasse. The audience will view the dance from the shore of the Tiefer See, near the fabrik. A big party will follow.

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Leather Leadership Conference XI

I am gong to MC the cabaret at a leather leadership conference. I plan to wear white patent leather boots and a chamois skirt and force them all to RELAX!

Actually I am going to MC the opening evening, including a cabaret on Friday April 20th.

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Leather Leadership Conference XI

What's Up ~ Current Projects

Nicollet Island Insanity

I have testified at the Minneapolis Park Board against the insane request to close Grove Street and reduce the beauty and tranquility of Nicollet Island for the benefit of a private religious school.

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What's Up ~ Current Dreams
  • Bicycle freeway system for the metro area of Mpls/St. Paul
  • I want to create a queer Museum for Minnesota.

    It can also function as a kind of community center.

    The great thing about a museum is

    The content gets to keep changing

    And it can be about anything.

    Art, history, sex,

    There is one in Berlin and it has inspired me.
  • I want to create a Pantheon


    an art temple/meetingplace/church

    My parents and grandparents looked to their churches

    For the kind of things that I have come to look to the arts for.

    Understanding the big questions, and having a sense of community.

    The Frozen Tears project crystallized for me

    The need to come together to have community with creativity as the glue that binds us.

    Not traditional theology or religion, but art, in all of its diverse and often messy forms.