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Making Contact
A Playshop for Gay Men
with Kevin Kortan and Patrick Scully

July 23 & 24

  • Would you like to expand your range of what it means to be a gay man?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself pursuing more sex but really wanting more intimacy?
  • What is it like to make contact with other gay men, not excluding emotional and erotic tones and energies, but not having to lead there?
  • What bridges the social and the sexual realms?

In Making Contact we'll explore the sensory realm, where we allow ourselves to touch and be touched.

How do we find ourselves, our bodies? It seems that to make honest contact with another we need to first contact ourselves; through our own breath, movement, touch, stillness, and relaxation. (Simple and enjoyable yoga practices for anyone).

In the course of the weekend you will be guided through work by yourself, with a variety of partners and with the whole group. The day will begin using techniques from yoga and tantra where you will ground in your own somatic sensuality.  Gradually this will lead to guided interaction with others, playing with basic elements of contact improvisation that everyone can enjoy: touch, rolling, giving and receiving weight.

As gay men many of us had early experiences of physical expression that were not positive. We often did not feel at home in the competition and aggression of sports. We later found expression through dancing in the bars, but have come to need more. Many of us found solace in spiritual practices, and were often banished from our spiritual homes by their homophobia. Some of us have explored personal growth through talk therapy, remodeled ourselves through exercise and the gym, and have perhaps pursued liberation through things like Body Electric. 

Still, many of us long for something else or more, something that is enjoyable and sensual, that integrates all of us: an embodied spirituality!

This playshop will provide a lighthearted environment for you to feel your physical prowess and power along with your sensitivity and sensuality, Making Contact with yourself and with other gay men.

Minnesota Dance Theater Studio 6A
Hennepin Center for the Arts,
8th and Hennepin, Mpls.

2-6 pm Saturday and Sunday, July 23 & 24

$120 by July 15, $140 afterward.
Call to register.
Your questions and inquiries are welcome, (612) 205-1512

Wear comfortable clothes to move in.

Kevin Kortan is the originator of Evolutionary Yoga. He is a Certified Yoga Therapist and Teacher, Movement Educator, and Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner. He has danced in the Zenon Dance Company in Minneapolis, and toured internationally with the Trisha Brown Dance Company. For the past three years he has taught at the Rowe Labor Day retreat for gay bisexual and transgender men. Kevin maintains a private practice in yoga therapy and movement education in New York and Minneapolis. www.evolutionaryyoga.com

Patrick Scully has been performing and teaching contact improvisation for thirty years. He is well known as a gay artist and activist in Minneapolis, nationally and internationally. He is the founder of Patrick's Cabaret, and more recently, the director of the Gay Men's Dance Project. www.patrickscully.org

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