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Who would have thought that two Minneapolites would cross paths in the pulsing metropol of Berlin!

Dear Friends, when I was in Berlin last year, I took voice classes from this fabulous singer, Kara Johnstad. That was fun, but hearing her in concert was the best. When she told me she was coming to town to visit family I decided it was unfair that only people in Berlin get to hear her.

So, I am presenting her in a concert here in Minneapolis. It will be an intimate, warm evening no matter what the weather. So bring a date! I already have mine lined up. She's bringing a fabulous guy from NYC to accompany her. So am I.

("By the way, where'd ya meet him?....")


way more details here...

listen to a soundclip here...
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Music Concert: "Back from Berlin"

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Patrick's Cabaret

Patrick Scully presents Kara Johnstad (Berlin) vocals, with Steven Gross (New York) piano.


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