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May of 2003

Patrick's Cabaret Benefit

I excitedly returned to perform on the stage at Patrick's Cabaret for the first time since my departure 18 months ago. I performed "Back in the Limelight" as part of two fundraising nights for the cabaret. For over fifteen years I was center stage at the cabaret , letting my monologues and improvised dances unfold to address what was in my heart. Now I returned to the stage that I created, for the first time since my departure as artistic director, to continue this tradition. I hope you were able to join me as the Cabaret moves into its 18th year.

I performed both nights, many of the other performers were only one night.

For details on other artists and acts, go to their website.


Dance Festival in Germany

© Dona Ann McAdams

I taught and performed in a dance festival, the Potsdamer TanzTagen, in Potsdam, Germany. May 23 through June 8, 2003 Potsdamer TanzTagen at fabrik/Potsdam: May 26-30 I taught Action Theater daily from 3-6 pm. May 28th I was part of a shared evening of performance. The festival ran from May 23 through June 8, 2003. It was 17 days of contemporary dance and performance: classes, workshops and performances. Check out details at fabrik/Potsdam. I first performed at the fabrik in Potsdam in 1992. I love the place and the people who run it, and was very excited to be going back to do more work there. It doesn't hurt that there is a great nude beach within walking distance of the theater, and that downtown Berlin is a 20 minute train ride away.


May Day Parade

I was part of a very faerie segment of the May Day Parade, coordinated by Bart Buch.


Isherwood in America

I was part of a panel at Walker Library, in Minneapolis. Christopher Isherwood is known as the writer behind the phenomenally successful musical play and film, Cabaret, based on his Berlin Stories. How did this British writer come to have such an influence on American popular culture? Isherwood immigrated to the United States and settled in Los Angeles in 1939, and he wrote many influential novels and memoirs in the United States. But he is still best known for his vivid descriptions of Germany in the 1930s. What can Isherwood's work tell us about life in today? Are his observations on the buildup to World War II relevant to the current world situation?

The recent publication of Isherwood's Diaries and the opening of his archive at the Huntington Library in California have generated new interest in his life and work.

Twin Cities writers and scholars gathered to examine the legacy of Christopher Isherwood on American literature and pop culture. Panelists included: Barrie Jean Borich, author of My Lesbian Husband, winner of an American Library Association GLBT book award; Patrick Scully, performance artist and founder of Patrick's Cabaret; and James J. Berg and Chris Freeman, editors of The Isherwood Century, winner of a Lambda Literary Award for Gay Studies, and Conversations with Christopher Isherwood. A brief panel discussion will be followed by audience questions and interaction.

This program was made possible in part with funding from the Minnesota Humanities Commission in cooperation with the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Minnesota State Legislature. MHC supports and promotes excellence in humanities education through its programs in family reading, K-12 education, civics, older adult learning, and grants for humanities projects.

Walker Library
Lagoon and Hennepin Avenues, Mpls.
10:30 am Saturday May 17th
for more info go to:
Friends of Minneapolis website


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