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JULY 2003

Queer Boyz Nite ~ Fri & Sat July 11 & 12 ~ 8pm: Patrick's Cabaret

I presented a segment of posiTV at queer boyz nite.

aking Lemonade ~ July 25 - 27 Patrick's Cabaret

My farewell show. The whole story. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get pissed off.

Here's a review by Matthew Everett ~

Patrick Scully's Farewell Performance

Folks, I saw Patrick Scully's "Making Lemonade" last night at Patrick's Cabaret and I was reminded again why I love theatre, and why I continue to try creating it against all common sense.

"Making Lemonade" was funny and angry, romantic and incredibly sad, and ultimately, hopeful.

Go to Patrick's Cabaret and see "Making Lemonade" tonight or tomorrow night, because after that, he's gone. He steps on a plane August 4th, and August 5th he starts his new life, in Germany, with his husband by his side at last after yet another 4 month separation.

Saturday and Sunday, July 26 & 27, 2003, at 8pm
Tickets are $15
Reservations (the place was packed last night) - 612-721-3595, ext. 3

Even though Scully has to go overseas in order to live with the man he loves, because the United States will have no part of it, there will be life and love beyond Minneapolis. It's just sad that he has been forced to leave home in order to make a home.

Watching him take the stage at Patrick's Cabaret one last time, looking over every inch of it, knowing that it will be a long time, if ever, before he sees it again, and that his husband has never and can never see it, is just part of the incredibly moving subtext that suffuses the evening.

But damn, what an amazing story.

By the the end, he's shared his heart and mind and body, not to mention both lemons and lemonade, with the audience. Such a gracious and graceful man, such a powerful artist.

It's our loss.

It's a topsy-turvy world when Germany is more progressive than the land that promises life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Just a little more incentive in my mind to find a decent presidential candidate and vote these bastards out of office. Because until they're gone and we get our country back, nothing changes.

Farewell, Patrick.

[Posted 7/26/2003 by Matthew Everett]

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